CBD and muscle recovery: Comprehensive guide

Description: With so many supplements out there, sometimes it can be quite challenging to clarify which ones are effective. Today we are talking about something that has been mentioned a lot of times, and that is CBD for muscle recovery!

In recent years, doctors are more than ever before repeating that it is important to exercise regularly if we want to maintain good health for as long as possible. And many people follow those instructions and try to incorporate at least thirty minutes and more of some form of workout in their daily routine.

Not only is exercise important for physical health, but it is also equally beneficial for mental health. We all know how much running, for example, can help when we are feeling depressed or anxious

This is important, especially in situations similar to the one we found ourselves in the past weeks. The raging pandemic of coronavirus makes us all super anxious and depressed on many levels. Therefore, even if it is not so simple, now more than ever, we have to be conscious of the necessity of physical activity.

But, as everyone who works out knows, exercise doesn’t come without a price.  Some people think that it happens only when you are just starting or after a long break, but in reality, sore and painful muscles are common side effects of a good workout.   The more you increase the intensity of a workout, the more you will experience some pain or discomfort. There is nothing to worry about – it is normal because the body is under a lot of pressure when you exercise.

Now, there are a lot of supplements out there that claim to be effective for pain relief, and many of them are definitely good. However, one of them, in particular, emerged as extra benefits, and that is CBD for muscle recovery.

Since CBD is a relatively new thing, and the supplement market is quite big with a lot of manufacturers that all claim their products are the best, everyone has the right to be a bit suspicious.

We investigated the topic to understand CBD benefits and to see whether there is a real effect of CBD for muscle recovery.

Benefits of CBD for Muscle Recovery

Maybe before we continue with other things, we should first explain a bit of what CBD is. Most of you have probably heard by now, but just in case you spent the past couple of years under the rock, here is the explanation.

Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound found in the plant called Cannabis Sativa. And now you may wonder how we can talk about marijuana so freely? You have a point, marijuana is a strain of Cannabis Sativa, but it is not the only one. There is another plant, called hemp and the CBD we are talking about is derived from it. 

The Agricultural Improvement Act that was signed in 2018 legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp and the production of CBD oil for medicinal use.

CBD is and isn’t at the same time a discovery. It was isolated in the 40s for the first time but hasn’t been really used before the 90s. Therefore, scientists are exploring CBD benefits only for a few decades. However, there has been significant research so far that talks about CBD oil for pain and CBD oil for muscle recovery. We will talk more now about how does CBD oil works and how to take CBD oil. If you are interested in trying some of these products, you can check them out at CBD Shelter.

Pain Relief

Maybe the most important feature of CBD and the reason why everyone wants to get it is that it helps muscle recovery after exercise by reducing pain. Regardless of how experienced you are and how well-prepared to the pain and soreness, you certainly don’t want to feel them. According to Medical News Today, some studies show that this product is truly very effective in treating different kinds of chronic pain caused by arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and so on.  The CBD muscle balm is good for treating pain that comes from working out.

Reduced Inflammation

You probably heard that inflammation is good for muscles and that it helps muscle tissue recover. While that is true, on the one hand, it also slows down the recovery. The thing is that when you exercise, a certain group of muscles is targeted, and when inflamed, they should recover. However, the problem is that other muscles that haven’t been trained are also affected.

Unlike other anti-inflammatory drugs that we know, such as aspirin and so on, CBD reduces this inflammation process in the parts where it isn’t necessary. If you are wondering how to speed up the muscle recovery, we would say that using CBD oils for muscle recovery is the best way.

Improved Sleep Quality

One of the essential muscle recovery tips is to make sure you have enough sleep.  It might surprise you, but a lot is going on while we are sleeping, and many of those things are quite important for our muscles.  For instance, damaged proteins, such as troponin, are being restored; the liver does its job of converting lactic acid into glucose, and many other things.

Some would think that only THC, a psychoactive compound found in marijuana, affects sleep. However, it is not true. Even if CBD isn’t a drug, the research has shown that it can improve the quality and the duration of sleep.


CBD oil is still unexplored territory, as there are many things we are yet to find out. However, if the question is does CBD work – the answer is, yes. It is not magic, but it works when it comes to treating certain issues, like, for example, chronic pain. Next time, we are going to discuss how to take CBD oil, so you are welcome to join us if you find these topics interesting.  Have you already been using CBD oil for muscle recovery?


Chele is a writer and a fitness trainer living in Jacksonville. She is writing for 5 years and occasionally working in the gym close to her apartment. She is exploring the use of alternative medicine in sports. Chele likes to travel, and her dream is to travel around Africa and Asia. She is also a passionate runner, and currently, she is preparing for a New York marathon.